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RCPAC plans to create a self-sufficient cultural and business center in the city of Richland Center that will strengthen the economic and artistic growth of our community.  Phase One of the renovation will focus on the restoration and reconfiguration of the front portion of the City Auditorium.  It will include a replica of the original canopy, exterior lighting, interior lighting, the front entryway, along with the development of a mezzanine lobby space that is historically appropriate and true to the building’s decorative arts.  Also included is the addition of accessible restroom facilities on all levels of the building, the repair of the roof and parapets, necessary electrical upgrades, and air conditioning.

In January of 2021, RCPAC was the recipient of a grant to help fund a large portion of the elevator project. The elevator has made the building ADA accessible to provide access to all three levels for everyone.

The RCPAC board is also working to raise funds to support replacement of the side doors, and repair of the exterior windows. These projects are estimated to total $50,000 or more.

For donation opportunities, visit our Support page.

In August 2017, funds were successfully allocated to install a new awning, sympathetic to the design of the original awning.  With full-color LED sides and historical accents, the awning is a new installment with a throwback feel.  Thanks to Sally Moore for her donation in memory of George Moore to make this possible!

In 2018 we were able to replace the front doors. See photos below for all the hard work that has been completed and keep checking back for updates.


New Doors- Installed in 2018


current seating


proposed seating

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